The Schindler Law Firm

Our mission, to exceed the expectations of our clients by providing top-notch legal services, is the driving force behind our success. Since its founding, the Schindler Law Firm has provided top-notch legal services to both businesses and individuals throughout Missouri and Illinois. We pride ourselves in offering the unmatched, quality legal assistance that we believe our clients deserve.

Our highly qualified team of attorneys are well-versed in a number of different legal fields, and a wide range of industries, including commercial / business litigation, healthcare and nursing / skilled care facilities, employment, education, contracts, real estate, construction, gaming, and personal injury. Regardless of the particular issue you may be facing, it is our high level of expertise, passion for law, and dedication to our clients that has driven individuals and businesses to retain The Schindler Law Firm.

If you are looking for a quality law firm with an unparalleled work ethic and a true commitment to its clients, our attorneys and staff will dedicate themselves completely to working with and for you or your business, to achieve the best possible outcome by providing the highest quality services available, regardless of price, in the most efficient, cost-effective manner possible.

To learn more about how The Schindler Law Firm can effectively assist you with your legal matters, contact us to schedule an appointment at our office.

  • William M. Londoff, B.S., J.D.
    Josh Schindler has been my attorney, and the attorney for my company, Professional Funding Co. for twenty years. He won every case in which he was the attorney.
    I did not have to go to court a single time. He was correct on every bit of advice.
    The more difficult the case, the greater the challenge.
    William M. Londoff, B.S., J.D.
    President, Professional Funding Company
  • Mike Dattilo
    “I don’t like lawyers. Never have, never will. But, as President of a successful business, I came to realize early on that I need good professionals, including lawyers, to advise me on many issues. And, when you find smart, resourceful, and responsive people, you keep them around. You have all of the above and more in Josh and his staff. If you need a lawyer to help make your company more successful, go with the Schindler Law Firm. If you find yourself in litigation, which we all try to avoid, and you want someone who you know will go to the mat for you and your company, Josh is your guy. If he wasn’t great, I would have fired him decades ago.”
    Mike Dattilo
    President and Chief Executive Officer of Miracle Supply Company
  • Peter Siegel
    “There is simply no better law firm in town”
    Peter Siegel
  • Laura Slay
    I have worked with the Schindler Law Firm for more than 15 years. Josh and his team of lawyers are outstanding in the area of education law and several other practice areas. Josh’s commitment to client satisfaction is exemplary. The firm is definitely “in it to win it” and they execute their work with the highest level of professionalism. I have been beyond pleased with Josh’s knowledge of the law, the courts and the intricacies of complex cases, all while keeping a keen eye on expenses. It is rare to find an attorney with such high standards and excellent track record. I am proud to call Josh my go-to attorney on a wide variety of legal matters. I am even more proud to call him a cherished friend.
    Laura Slay
    Children's Education Alliance of MO
  • Hillary Zimmerman
    "Josh Schindler is a breath of fresh air in the legal business.  He analyzes issues, cuts to the chase, is meticulous as to dates and deadlines, manages costs, doesn't over-lawyer, is there when we need him and is fun to work with. Our Company relies upon him for a range of labor, employment, litigation and contract issues. I hope not too many people get wind of this!"
    Hillary Zimmerman
    General Counsel, McCormack Baron Salazar, Inc., McCormack Baron Management, Inc. and McCormack Baron Asset Management, Inc.
  • Peter A. Franzen
    "Josh and his team at the Schindler Law Firm have provided outstanding representation to marginalized families facing difficult decisions about their children's future. Josh is an exceptional attorney. Fueled by his passion for justice, Josh and his team stood up to numerous state and local entities who would otherwise have trampled the rights of predominantly low-income families. His dedication has tangibly changed the potential future life outcomes for thousands of children in the St. Louis area."
    Peter A. Franzen
    Associate Executive Director CEAM - Children's Education Alliance of Missouri
  • Christina M. Giardina
    "As a business operating in the complex area of healthcare in several States, I can attest to the attention, response and results we have obtained using The Schindler Law Firm. From the smallest case to the most complex we have been extremely satisfied."
    My father, who passed away, wrote the above. And, as the current President of the company, I continue to use the Schindler Law firm and stand by his words.
    Christina M. Giardina
    President Community Care Center, Inc.
    "Josh Schindler is a great lawyer. Over the years, he has represented me in my personal affairs and in two significant public interest cases. In one of the public interest cases, a/k/a "The Adequacy Suit", Missouri school districts asked the judge to order the legislature to give them more money. Through a team effort, we stopped them both at the trial court and at the Supreme Court of Missouri. But, it was Josh who dominated the court room and the litigation. I keep Josh's phone number on my speed dial."